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Guardianz – S.A.Y ft Kele Le Roc

“A fun blend of sounds with bumpiness and electronic touches. This combined with a sweeter tone from the vocals.” Mizz Ruby

Describing themselves as ‘music producers sent to earth to help in the fight to protect good music’, Guardianz are enigmatic electronic duo Sean and Fabien.

Their new single ‘S.A.Y.’ – which stands for Something About You – features MOBO award winner Kele Le Roc and is a summer dance tune that harks back to the best of the late 90’s club sound, swimming in thumping bass.

Preferring to remain largely out of the limelight and let the music speak for itself, Guardianz are nevertheless no strangers to the live music scene, having plied their trade at the likes of Glastonbury festival. And with this new single out at the height of summer, their future is looking bright.


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