Future Garage house

Guardianz – S.A.Y ft Kele Le Roc

“A fun blend of sounds with bumpiness and electronic touches. This combined with a sweeter tone from the vocals.” Mizz Ruby Describing themselves as ‘music producers sent to earth to help in the fight to protect good music’, Guardianz are enigmatic electronic duo Sean and Fabien. Their new single ‘S.A.Y.’ – which stands for Something […]

dub funky house ukg

Basista ft Kele Le Roc – Half Open

The brand new track from M.I.RAW Recordings. Lovely sweet vocals along with a nice light funky bumpy beat.


Luke Larrel & Majesty ft Kele Le Roc – They Want You

This takes you straight back to the 80’s/early 90’s..  with a funky pyschadelic video which completely matches the oldschool feel from the track. Those days were all about having fun and dancing to the music, great vibe! PURCHASE