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T2 Ft Jodie Aysha – Heartbroken (Hijinkx Remix)

Something a little different than normal here, a really chilled and mellow mix of Heartbroken, remix courtesy of Hijinkx. It’s actually a bit faster than ukg generally, running at 150bpm so it’s aimed at a different musical genre, but I really think it works. Give it a listen and download!

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Blackboxx – Nightshades

Euphoric garage – Yes, this genre works incredibly well as you will hear throughout. Easing in with an atmospheric tone, then bursts of syncopated beats and rhythm creating a really intriguing style. Slime welcomes back Blackboxx to the label with his third EP ‘Nightshades’. Since his astonishing take on garage broke ground in 2014 with […]

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Chillstep Works – Special Edition [2015]

Those who have followed Ideal Noise, with the Chillstep Works and LiquidMotions mixes, will have certainly anticipated this return. Beautifully selected chilled dubstep sounds. Ideal Noise says: A Special Edition mix to celebrate the success of now defunct “Chillstep Works” mixtape series ….”a journey through the chill side of dubstep”. Thank you for all your support and […]

Chilled DnB mixes

#DNB Ideal Noise – LiquidMotions Vol 6

Enjoying this chilled mix right now on a sleepy Sunday. Seriously Ideal Noise do some of the best Chillstep / Liquid DnB mixes, you need to check them out if you haven’t already. Like Ideal Noise on FaceBook  

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Move Your Mind [SLM117]

“What I love about every release from Slime Records is the fact that it is all so unique and intriguing. This new LP follows this idea with a blend of beautiful sounds. Deep, dark, chilled dubstep tones with an air of creative  flair and soft touches. As you graduate through the tracks, you get more […]

Chilled house

Terrys On The Rocks EP

THIS IS REAL GOOD SIMPLE MUSIC!!   3 track ep featuring the talents of Mikey G, Jason Bye, Ebbo Riginal and PMT newcomer Ian Place. Proper house beats produced in NYC, Amsterdam, Ibiza and Washington DC. Why not Playmore Terrys?

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DJsNeverEndingStory – Letter To God

Chill, future garage music.. bassy, atmospheric sounds that feature poetic vocals. This is a follow up of “Angels” from the Electronic music producer.