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Move Your Mind [SLM117]

“What I love about every release from Slime Records is the fact that it is all so unique and intriguing. This new LP follows this idea with a blend of beautiful sounds. Deep, dark, chilled dubstep tones with an air of creative  flair and soft touches. As you graduate through the tracks, you get more rhythmic sounds with so much flavour.” Mizz Ruby

Slime is proud to present a special compilation of collaborations across the extended label family, with eight compositions from sixteen artists produced exclusively for this release. ‘Move Your Mind’ bridges countries and genres to bring together a stunning series of explorations into the sounds synonymous with the imprint.

Akin & Sker debut their new collaborative project Opeik for the release, opening proceedings with ‘After The Rain’. The Australian and Welsh producers combine for this spectral composition which wraps bucolic melodies around a fragile half-step with captivating results.

Australian producer Aaron Static combines forces with Spanish duo Clima for their effort, ‘Synthetic Climate’. Drifting in across melancholy chords and vocal echoes, the beat slowly unfolds into a narcotic haze before driving forward into an autonomic groove.

Hoffman & Materia come together for the sublime ‘For You I Did’. Cinematic atmosphere is drenched liberally over a seductive dubstep rhythm before gorgeous female vocals elevate this into the realms of a masterpiece.

Russian producer Colorhythm joins up with Spanish duo BSN Posse for ‘Music To Move Minds’. Rave chords hustle around skittering breakbeats for a warehouse thriller replete with diva vocals and thundering bass.

Threnody & Mad EP team up for the unique ‘Harare Riddim’. Utilising sounds and vocals recorded in Zimbabwe for a youth project, the track is a collaboration of African style with London attitude. Grime textures rub up against scattershot polyrhythms for an intoxicating head brew.

Italian producer Bodwan & Macau-based artist Burnie collaborate on ‘Petra’s Groove’. Jazz-infused house beats roll across an off-kilter guitar and piano ensemble, creating something refreshingly different.

Retrospekt & Platkovsky enlist the vocal talents of Athena Efstathiou for ‘Rain’, which pitches the singer’s sensual tones against the duo’s slinky deep house stylings. Replete with a bassline designed to drive it’s insistent groove all the way into the core of your brain, this is one track aimed purely at those hazy twilight moments in the club.

Estonian & Australian producers Nightjar & DYP complete the release with ‘Roads’, a no-nonsense, head-down club stomper which is deceiving in its simplicity – one vocal hook, one bassline, one beat – but before you know it your booty is swinging to the groove – straight on to the dancefloor.


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