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Welcome to UKG Mix.  Purveyor of fine UK Garage music.

I’m a huge fan of UK Garage music.  I’ve got literally weeks of ukg on my hard-drive.  I’ve got thousands of UKG 12’s in my vinyl collection.  I’m also a DJ.  I am constantly hunting for new music and hearing new DJ’s playing & pushing the UK Garage sound.

That’s why I’ve started this little site.  I’ve always had a long list of places I check for mixes & music but wished there was one single site to visit to get new mixes.  Even better would be a single site that posted links to mixes, but also ‘tweeted’ said links via twitter.

That site is this site.  I add new mixes, it appears on the site & get’s tweeted to Twitter (@ukgarage).  Want the latest mixes?  Check the homepage, subscribe to the RSS feed or follow us on Twitter… or do all 3! You’ll never miss a mix!


Hey, I’ve got a mix, how can I add it to the site?

Sweet, upload the mix to the internet.  If you haven’t got your own host, there’s several free online sites that’ll host your mix for you!  Filefront is one, sendspace is also popular.  Once you’ve got the link for your mix, send me a message or a tweet & I’ll check it out and add it to the site.

OK, I’ve got a mix, I’ve uploaded it but I’ve not got any album art – what do I do?

No problem!  I can give it the standard “No album art available” or if I really enjoy the mix & put it on my iPod, I’ll create my own album art for it and add it with your mix!

How come some of the album art has the UKG MIX logo on it? Why are you plastering your logo on other peoples album art?

Ahh, simple.  The album art covers that have my UKG MIX logo on are the covers I’ve made up myself.  It’s just a way of seeing how far the cover spreads (if it’s used on other sites etc) & maybe there’s a little bit of self promotion in there too 🙂

Why don’t you link straight to the mix?

I considered doing this – but most of the mixes I come across are on forums or blog posts and quite often, there’s a discussion going on in the comments OR the forum / blog / site that’s hosting the mix might have some important information!  Besides, if I linked straight to the mix – that’ll be considered as leeching and may result in the artist requesting the mix be removed – which will be detremental to the scene.

Hey, you’re linking to one of my mixes – Can you remove it please?

Of course I can remove the mix for you – however please do get in contact with me to discuss first.  I don’t link direct to the mix & send all visitors to your website first so am helping people discover new music & new websites. Never-the-less, if you want your mix removed, I’ll do that for you – after all, it is your mix.

I’m trying to download a mix, but it’s not working any more. Can you re-upload the mix?

Unfortunately not.  I’ve not personally uploaded any of these mixes.  They’re purely mixes I’ve found online and wanted to share.  Sometimes, mixes are removed for whatever reason, either by the host or the original uploader. You’ll have to be quick on UKGMix, don’t hesitate.  Download & enjoy sooner rather than later!

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