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Blackboxx – Nightshades

Euphoric garage – Yes, this genre works incredibly well as you will hear throughout. Easing in with an atmospheric tone, then bursts of syncopated beats and rhythm creating a really intriguing style.

Slime welcomes back Blackboxx to the label with his third EP ‘Nightshades’.

Since his astonishing take on garage broke ground in 2014 with the ‘Sayonara’ EP, the Edinburgh-based producer has been evolving his sound into something unique to him – as evidenced in last year’s ‘Osaka’ EP and ‘Lone’, his contribution to the imprint’s anniversary compilation ‘Fifths’. Moving into a more ambient direction, ‘Nightshades’ takes the bare framework of 2-step and creates something rich in emotion that is wholly cinematic in its scope.

Atmospheric melodies entwine melancholy vocals across sparse beats in ‘SYZYGY’, an aesthetic which is explored further in ‘Now That I Need You’. Soulful and plaintive, the rhythm sits in between R&B, garage and electronica to spine-tingling effect. ‘Distance Between Us’ kicks things up a gear with a widescreen anthem that combines soaring strings with diva vocals that resonates deep in your soul. Closing track ‘Kreuzberg’ extrapolates the essence of the former tracks into something spell-binding. Glittering keys sweep across a narcotic groove designed to make hearts swell with longing and evoke half-forgotten memories of lost love.


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