Loves of 2012

K Warren, 2Ton & Vapour  – Fire In The Hole

When I first heard this tune.. oh myyyy! It just a mkaes you danceee! Brilliant production from K Warren, nice melodic vocals from 2Ton and that edginess from Vapour. And the video is oh soo fiery with all those amazing performers and great camera work.

Oggie – Wishin

I cannot help but singing and boppin my head to this tune!

MC Neat & KH (The Next Room) – You Don’t Know

This tune is just oh so sexyyy with all those strings and the gorgeous vocals from Kh. MC Neat brings it all together with that touch of cheeky London lad and they just make a perfect pair!

Kcat – Broken

A simple bumpy little ukg tune paired with the gorgeous soft vocals from Kcat. She is one of those independent women that us ladies look up to, making her name and doing the things she loves.

Leanne Louise – Spotlight

This one is just beautiful, the soft track along with Leanne’s pure voice.

Mr Rootsy vs Black Ice (Supa Smooth Beatz Remix) – What Will Be Will Be

Bumpy little tune that fits perfectly with Rootsy’s vocals. This guy has such a positive mind and is always pushing himself and working his way to the top.

Leah Lost (produced by Rdubz) – Who I am

A gorgeous tune, Leah’s powerful yet husky vocals shining through with an equally elegant track.

Video of the year: LeeBoy & Jay Harvey – Dance Floor

Oldschool mix of the year: Minerals – Speed Garage 97/98

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