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I Am ft Allegra – I’m a miracle (TS7 Remix) *VIDEO PREMIERE*

Playful use of sounds with sweet vocal cuts against the fresh attitude of bass. TS7 really energises this track with the new garage style. The brand spanking new video works great with this edit. With a city in the sunshine setting, and use of creative cuts and effects to match the urban sweetness of the track.

‘I’m A Miracle’ is the debut single and urban club smash from I Am, featuring a chorus that will stay in your head for hours, sung by London based beauty and talent Allegra. The track features a remix by chart topping garage star TS7, and a glossy, uplifting video by Luti Media.

I Am is a music and community project from multi-talented artist & social activist Yomi Mason Davies. Yomi had success as part of urban breakthrough group ‘First Place’ and as a solo artist performing deeply personal songs about growing up in care & his experiences in prison.

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“I’m a singer/songwriter with a message of hope for the lost souls in our ghettos and communities. It’s more than music. It’s about helping others to see that at the end of the day, we are all very similar. We all cry, we all love, we all need help, and we all want to be somebody.”

I Am is more than just a hit-record making act. It is a platform aimed at young people to discuss music, fashion and culture and cultivate their passions and ambitions. The I Am website ( launches spring 2015 and includes a national school tour & exciting range of merchandise.

Catch I Am performing ‘I’m A Miracle’ at London venues this spring & summer. Tour dates TBC.


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