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Sally Caitlin – Stuck In Limbo (UKG Mix) *PREMIERE*

With Autumn here the music season is changing from a light summer tone to a more dancey feel. This track blends the seasonal change well with an upbeat rhythm and light playful bumpyness. Sally’s vocals pulls this together with stunning vocals describing emotions of a love that will never die.

Sally Caitlin is a 21 year old singer-songwriter & pianist from Manchester. In the past year she has been working on an EP with award winning producers ‘The Next Room’ and been cultivating an online fanbase by releasing cover tracks on her YouTube channel.

‘Stuck In Limbo is about a very intense relationship with lots of ups and downs. Like most of my original songs, it is written from a place of personal experience and genuine emotions. At the time of writing the song I felt like I had no idea where a relationship I was in was going and how to resolve all the issues, despite still loving the other person. This led me to feel like we were ‘stuck in limbo’ because I didn’t know whether we would or should break up or stay together. ‘ Sally Caitlin

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