De Contrebande – Found our Sound EP

De Contrebande joined together in 2010 to form the talented music duo. Their love for house music is what inspired them to try their hand at something new. The duo began testing out their new development by creating some simple but effective bootlegs, trying to understand what each other liked and it soon became apparent that their music tastes were very similar

Following the exciting new sounds and their developing relationship as a DJ duo, they soon discovered how well they worked together and where able to perform at some big nights in and around Birmingham. This was the breakthrough that enabled them to get their name out and to get noticed not only in Birmingham but also in Leeds and many more places across the UK, playing at some of the country’s biggest events!

Most recently De Contrebande have concentrated on finding their exclusive sound, and after some serious studio sessions they have now created a unique sound that is the one and only De Contrebande sound! Due to their hard work and production progression they have now been signed by Bloc Beatz Records and have many tracks due for release for this label. Tracks for release in June are all included in the ‘Found Our Sound EP’ which includes the following tracks;

This EP really shows the progression that the duo have managed to adapt over the 3 years of DJ’ing and producing together. So far 2013 has already been an incredible year for De Contreband, gaining massive support from some of the heavy hitters in the House scene from across the globe

As well as this they have gained a very successful residency at one of the UK’s biggest nights ‘10:31’ and finishing off the final plans for their worldwide tour in Russia!
To conclude, De Contreband have come so far already and being residents for the up and coming Bloc Beatz records is only the start of what is to come and the duo are enthusiastically pushing their new, exciting sound. In addition with the help of Bloc Beatz, they are looking to push this sound globally to share their love and passion for House music worldwide

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