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Hollywood ’90 – Young Holly

Atlanta based leading indie artist Hollywood ‘90 has just issued his latest mixtape album Young Holly, combining and mashing up the latest sounds into a fervent rap furore turning it into the sound of his generation. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, the 23 year old’s influences are Bone Thugs n Harmony, Easy E, R&B artists, Drake & Kid Ink amongst many others.


Hollywood ‘90’s first encounter with music came during middle school where he would beat box in the cafe surrounded by fellow students challenging him to a battle rap.  He further embraced his rapping career at the age of 18 when he released his first mixtape Heartbreak in Hollywood which was followed two years later by yet another mixtape I am Hollywood.

This second released went viral on which showcased his latest beats to the local indie and rapping scene. Only a year later, Hollywood ’90 released No Sleep Since ’90 which has helped him rank further as it quickly gained popularity.

This latest release Young Holly has raised the bar for the artist.  Featuring 20 tracks produced by a number of renowned producers such as Big Cat, Sledgren, Adothegod, Fly Life and Kiddzero amongst others, the mixtape brings a poignant taste of elaborate rapping sounds that reminisce of 90s rap bringing to the present times a nostalgic feel that verges on excellence. Having been up for rotation, the artist further showcases the depths of his talents by churning out instant hits doing the rounds in the club scene.

But there is more! Hollywood ’90 will this year be releasing his E.P. Southern Livin’, California Dreamin´ followed by the release of the much awaited and anticipated debut albumLegendary.

Because of the unique combinations of producers and genres, Hollywood ’90 is finding more recognition as an upcoming R&B artist/producer. Representing a musical evolution throughout his mixtapes, has helped shape and change with time and each new project. Young Holly has a more rougher R&B feel that definitely moves into more of an evocative direction with a soul flair to it. Each new release embarks the listener on a music journey as Hollywood ’90 experiments and plays with various textures of sound.

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