The History of the UK Garage Family Tree (version 1)

Words by: Lexis & Dr.Love

It’s really pretty incredible that after almost 20 years, the influence of the UK Garage genre is still very present. From its early incarnations around 1994, British Garage has had a huge impact over urban music in the UK with artists like Dizzee Rascal, Burial, Wiley, The Streets, Ms Dynamite. It has achieved both underground and commercial success.

The family tree of UKG’s sub-genres is an absolutely fascinating piece of modern music history. In 20 years it has created / influenced : 2step, Speed Garage, Dubstep, Bassline, Grime, UK Funky and not to mention all the other genres it influenced outside of the Garage spectrum.

Classic Garage undertones are still being felt in the present underground music landscape with the new wave of artists like SBTKRT, Jacques Greene, Disclosure, CRST, Falty DL, Mosca, Preditah and tons of others all paying homage to the roots of UKG.

Important Note: The history of UK Garage recap is an evolutive project which we continue to add to and will keep on improving. The focus here is about the music itself and a little bit less about the legendary clubs, radio DJ’s, pirate radio stations, etc… Those are also interesting subjects but we had 20+ years of music to cover so we focused on that. And yes, we are aware that we might have missed a few anthems here and there….



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