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Aleks Zen – Sweet & Sour EP

(Slime Recordings)
Cat.No : SLM056

Aleks Zen is something of a renaissance man on the rise – producer, singer, DJ, MC… the list goes on. For his debut release on Slime however he strips it back to the bare essentials with two deceptively simple yet beguiling house tracks that are packed full of pure sunshine.

‘Transcend & Unity’ combines retro house and bass music with intoxicating results, warm pads and a simple kickdrum the driving force pushing the track forward. A subtle pulse of bass works it’s way along the spine of the rhythm, constantly mutating underneath female vocal cuts and glittering keys.

‘Unrequited Lust’ switches things up with a monstrous bass groove that will have many a clubber pinned to the dancefloor for it’s duration. A certain well-known vocal cut gets expertly deployed across the track whilst spiralling melodies are deftly interwoven with cinematic strings to make this a must-have for the discerning DJ’s digital crate.

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