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Yagga Yo! V​.​2 by Mighty Moe

A brand new LP from former Heartless Crew member Mighty Moe…   Since the release of his debut solo ‘Yagga Yo! The Mixtape’ Moe has continued to entertain ravers internationally with his unique flow. Mighty now returns fresh from the studio with another slab of eclectic vibes demonstrating his versatile style. Featured artists/producers include Smasher, Zed Bias, Jake […]

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Majestic – IDI UH OH

Intro Idi-uh-oh Get Away Making it King of My World ft Jammer & C Gritz Represent ft Dabble Safe Sex Woo Freestyle Dancefloor Cru Loaner In A Crowded Room ft Kelsey Music Made Me Crazy ft Mighty Moe For the Fans Freestyle Something New ft Darnell Little Sister Never Saw It Coming Steve Skit Maj […]


HLC, Maxwell D & Michael Jay

Live on No Tracklisting available.