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GHSTGHSTGHST – Houston Creep

Who doesn’t like a cheeky little bootleg eh? This slice of fun is served up by GhstGhstGhst,

Featuring the vocals of Whitney Houston’s ‘Its Not Right’ laced over the top of a refreshed ‘Creeper’ bassline and a driving 4/4 beat, this has all the hallmarks of a decent nightclub banger.

Available for free download for one week only, you’ll have to be quick – courtesy of 3000Bass

Our spooky friend GHSTGHSTGHST is back with another genre-defying track ready to twist up your preconceptions about music.

This track uses the instantly recognisable vocals of Whitney Houston and layers them over some hard Grime-esque bass while keeping it all 4×4, the results are surprisingly successful!

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