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DMY – Violet Shades EP

“A mix of sweet yet dark undertones leading to a beautiful melodies and atmospheres. The vocals are sensational, and tracks progressing with bold notes for impact. ” Mizz Ruby

Slime welcomes Russian producer DMY to the label, bringing with him this thrilling debut release. Expertly crafting house music with a melodic flair, his two originals here have a nostalgic edge to another era of the genre’s greatness – but brought bang up to date with some subtle twists and turns.

‘Violet Shades’ pairs a sparse house beat with an insistent melody and bassline combination that will be gracing many a discerning dancefloor. A spoken-word female vocal intersperses the mix as the chords and rhythm unite for a track full to brim with sunshine.

‘To Hear You’ subtly changes up the template for a hazy roller replete with diva vocals and a jacking groove. Gentle keys and low-key bleeps infuse the beat, a reminiscent soundtrack of long summer nights.

Finally, Welsh & Polish production powerhouse Retrospekt & Platkovsky tackle the lead track, mutating it into a gargantuan homage to progressive house. Clocking in at well over ten minutes, they build sublime tension into the simple chord progression with a deft touch.

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