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Mix Master Jim

“A nice selection of oldschool tunes and some great mashups! Not letting his disabality get in the way of music is certainly a trait to be admired. If you have any advice for him please do get in touch, or pop a comment below!” Mizz Ruby

I’m a bedroom DJ from Worthing in West Sussex. I’m a full time wheelchair user because of a disability called c.p. 

I mix ukg garage mainly the 2 step garage around 2000 -2003 but I also like house and garage , hip hop , 80 and 90’s r and b and I’m trying to get into uk funky, dubstep and deep house 

Try to copy the mixing styles of DJ EZ and DJ Fonti (Heartless Crew ) 

I don’t really like rock or any of that indie rubbish I prefer my music urban . 

I do like football tunes though because I’m a big chelsea fan. I also follow Brighton because they are local. please I don’t really want make any money from them yet just free promotion CDs to share with the people of Worthing and maybe play in clubs who knows !


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