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Materia – Atlas Remixed EP


Slime Recordings reached a new milestone this year with the launch of its first physical release – the debut album from Swedish producer Materia. ‘Atlas’ was the result – an album that extrapolates the fundamentals of house, garage, dubstep and techno – then fuses them into a listening experience full of warmth and texture which reveals further depths through every repeated play. The album garnered a lot of accolades, with Igloo Magazine calling it “a genuine work of substance” and Electronic Music Magazine describing it as “immensely satisfying”.

To celebrate the success of the release, Slime has commissioned six producers to remix some of the key tracks on the album. The result is an intriguing selection from some of the most creative underground producers working today.

First up we welcome Submerse back to the label. One of the most talented producers around, here he develops on the sound he has been cultivating on his Project:Mooncircle releases with a slow motion version of the lead track from the album, ‘Otherland’. Extrapolating all the original elements of the track and twisting them into something completely new and refreshing, it’s clear to see why he is so highly regarded as an artist.

‘Otherland’ is taken into another direction by the legendary drum & bass producerMacc, who we have managed to coax out of retirement to tackle this remix. The original’s ethereal qualities are kept intact, but infused with truly astounding drum work and delicate melodies reconstructed with pin-sharp clarity for a mix that is truly special.

For the final remix of the lead track, Dublin-based producer Genetix twists the original into a shuffling deep dubstep roller replete with sparkling synths and cavernous low-end that will rattle chests and elevate minds.

Next up, Bristol-based producer Lojik takes on ‘Clouds’. One of the stand-out tracks from the original release, it’s staccato downbeat rhythm is finessed into a bass-heavy groove with superb bars from Bristol MC Koast driving the beat forward alongside the sublime vocals of New York vocalist Winter.

Swedish producer Petter B takes on the closing track from the album, ‘Synthesis’. The Drumcode artist manipulates the spaced-out style of the original into a rolling techno stomper where sparkling melodies are strapped to a heavy-duty groove with devastating results.

Completing the set Bristol-based producer Discord takes ‘Synthesis’ into altogether darker territory with a throbbing techno jam complete with acidic licks and snapping percussion that continually builds until the dancefloor will be in a frenzy.

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