UK Bass

SPD – The Way We Live EP


Cat.No : SLM063

SPD returns to the label after providing one of it’s stand-out releases from last year in ‘Tunwan’, which garnered praise from such luminaries as Phaeleh. For his sophomore effort, the Liverpool-based producer delivers another masterclass in emotive electronic music with bite.

‘Habitus’ picks apart the skeleton of his previous work and re-animates it into strange and brilliant new forms.

‘Simulacrum’ infuses a slow motion house beat with laconic chords and spoken-word samples to dynamic effect.

‘Heldhands’ extrapolates the garage template into a glittering new world with oscillating keys and warm chords strapped across the back of a percussive juggernaut.

‘Street Flutters’ drifts into being through a cloud of atmospheric ambience and subtle textures before taking flight into a midnight masterpiece of laidback grooves.

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