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Dubstep Allstars Vol 10. Mixed by Plastician


Long-running Rinse FM DJ Plastician as mixed the tenth volume in Tempa’s Dubstep Allstars series. Each volume plays like a snapshot of a genre constantly in evolution, and the aim with this mix was no different, finding him “[wanting] to do a mix that I can say 100% I think that all these tracks are dubstep, or not far from it,” he explained. “It’s as close to a ‘pure’ dubstep mix as I could be, without doing an old skool mix. So it was trying to keep it fresh – it’s all current stuff – but with an old head on my shoulders.”

So rather than representing the variety of sounds he plays in his show on Rinse FM – which includes everything from grime and dubstep to trap and other strains of US hip-hop – it finds him zooming in on one particular sound, leading to as strongly focused a mix as previous instalments in the series. It features tracks from Rinse regulars such as J:Kenzo and new Tempa signing Nomine, rising names like Commodo and Jaydrop, and – touching on Plastician’s roots in grime – MC appearances from Newham Generals’ Footsie, Merky Ace and Doctor.


01 Cato feat. Doctor – Brap (Plastician VIP)
02 Nomine –  Waves
03 Jaydrop –  Blind Run
04 J:Kenzo – Contagion
05 Vicious Circle – Not Afraid
06 FNC – Prism
07 Commodo –  Axis
08 LAXX & Walsh – LA Drift
09 Jaydrop –  That’s How It Is
10 Kumarachi – Voyager
11 Merky Ace – Greaze (Pote’s Smash N Grab Remix)
12 Megalodon & Badklaat – Twisted Metal
13 J:Kenzo –  Depth Charge
14 Moony – Close Enough
15 Mutated Mindz – Valentine Dreams
16 Stinkahbell –  Sunday Worries
17 Dream – Desolate
18 J:Kenzo feat. Footsie – No Man’s Land
19 Korea – Submarine
20 Plastician – Alone Time
21 Teknian – Sorga

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