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Sound Avtar

Rub A Duck 032
Sound Avtar
1. 1UP
2. Monster On A Rope

Indian producer Sound Avtar returns to Rub A Duck with yet another slamming EP.
After 1 solo Ep under his real name Piyush Bhatnagar and the Vertigo EP together with Phoenyx this Indian badboy of bass comes with a dedication to the old 8bit times.
Sound Avtar is one of the leading bass producers in India, not only with productions but as well when it comes to dj sets and promoting the genre. Member of Mental Martians alongside Sickflip they are truly dedicated to spread the bass genre in their country.
His typical sound is an unique blend of original british dubstep with influences from not only American electronic music but also his Indian Roots.

This time he delivers not just a dubstep track but also an upfront Electro House track with Monster On A Rope. This heavy bass combined with uplifting electro track is a guaranteed peaktime floorfiller.
1UP brings out best in bass with a signature production from this Indian high flyer.
An EP that simply cannot be missed out!

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