For Sale

Reason for selling
They have only been used a handful of times and they are in dire need of some attention! They are as good as new and the mixer channels are all fine ect. I am even throwing in all the cables needed so you can set them up as soon as you get them as buying brand new you do not get these!! The Technics DH1200 are used and a little flimsy but the sound quality is massive on them! so they will stay on your head and still work fine!

unfortunately i do not have the original boxing (Stupid me threw them away) hence why this is a collection only!

2x CDJ800 mk 2 Turntables (new £ 1,089.00)
1x DJM600 Mixer (new £ 545.00)
1x Technics DH1200 (new £ 129.00)
2x Phono Leads
2x Power supply leads (CDJS)

All for £1000


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