Duncan Powell – Franked (Album Teaser)

Producer, Duncan Powell has recently released a teaser to a forthcoming remix album he has put together as a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse. This is what Duncan has to say about his forthcoming release:

The full 16 track album of MP3s will be released on a free download on 05 December 2011. I will post the link here!

After the late Amy Winehouse passed away this year, I rediscovered her debut album Frank.

I had spent a lot of time listening to the album at the time of release, but as the years passed by I had forgotten what a great album Frank was. The warmth of the production and the textures of her vocals drew me towards remixing/sampling some of the albums tracks. After a few weeks the idea struck me to remix the whole album putting my stamp on it, “Franked” was born.

Now this was no easy task as the only track from Frank for which an acapella was officially released was ‘Stronger Than Me’. All other tracks had to be remixed by sampling from the original alone.
This was easier on some tracks than others and ultimately determined & in a certain aspect limited the outcome of the remixes.

Instead of viewing limitation as an obstacle, I used various sampling techniques to extract a wealth of sounds from the original tracks and stitched the samples back together in an attempt to create something new whilst utilising as many vocals, drums and chord samples from the original as possible.

I have added some drum, bass & synth sounds to the tracks to finish them off, but the majority of the sounds heard come from the original album.

Guided by the availability of the samples, I remixed the tracks into whatever style naturally formed whilst working within the limits of the original bpms, so there is a mixture of musical styles spread over the album.

This limitation of available elements soon became the inspiration for me to complete the album, it has often been a way of working ive enjoyed in the past, as it often results in a vastly different result than that would have been heard if I had access to the parts from the original tracks.

I hope this is received as a respectful creative tribute to Amy’s Work as that is exactly how it is intended and I hope it insipres a few people to dig out the original album and enjoy one the best debut albums of our time.

All tracks are bootleg remixes and strictly for promotional use only and not for sale. I wholly suggest if you don’t own the original album Frank already go and buy a copy. My remixes, although fun to make, don’t compare to the originals.


Franked – Album Teaser by DuncanPowell

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