Todd Edwards – XLR8R Podcast 147

  1. Todd Edwards “Fabric” (NU Trend)
  2. Illusive “Make It Up 2 U (GM Remix)” (2tuf4u)
  3. Todd Edwards “The Praise” (Nervous)
  4. Uffie/Pharrell Williams/Armand Van Helden “Add SUV” (Ed Banger)
  5. DJ Dan “Chop Shop (Hot Mouth’s Rubber Remix)” (Nettwerk)
  6. Phoenix “If I Ever Feel Better (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)” (Virgin)
  7. Utah Saints “Power to the Beats (Todd Edwards Power Chord Mix)” (Echo)
  8. Bjork “Desired Constellation (Todd Edwards Remix)”
  9. James ‘Eighth Note’ May “Just Bump”
  10. Ellie Goulding “Starry Eyed (Darren Campbell’s Vocal Mix)”
  11. Alex Zelenka “Specials (Clique Talk Remix)”
  12. Sentinels “Love Rhythm”
  13. Aaren San “Apes From Space (Dirtyloud Remix)” (Aelaektropopp)
  14. Dmitriy Bamboviy “Sweet Jack Out” (Starblocks)
  15. Lizzie Curious/Lazy Rich/Hirshee “Blast Off” (BugEyed)
  16. That1Guy “Mustashes (My Dear Disco Remix)”
  17. Todd Edwards “I Might Be (My Dear Disco Remix)” (Scion A/V)

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