Interview: Groove Yard Records

Friends of, Enchanted Rhythms have shared an interview with Groove Yard Records / Lee Bramley (aka DJ Einstein). Lee talks about the history behind the label, some of the artists he’s worked with and also some of the old skool garage classics that came from his studio.


Do you have a particular favourite production/release from the catalogue that you are most proud or producing/releasing?

Cheese & Pickle was probably our biggest track. I still hear this on a regular basis aswell as Kutz from the Lab Vol 1. The Fundamentals EP got us some exposure and remix work with some of the major labels .

We did have a lot of tracks that flew under the radar. I played a vinyl set over in Perth recently and played entirely my tracks for the whole set, which I have never done before. I hadn’t heard a lot of them for years and had totally forgotten about them but I was pleasantly surprised. Could get away with them in clubs now.


Read the rest of this interview on Enchanted Rhythms now.

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