DJ Mike Mission – Groove Chronicles (Special Fried Noodles Dubz)

DJ Mike Mission is back with another 75 minutes of pure classics served up by the awesome Groove Chronicles.

Grooves Chronicles vinyl set, mixed and blended with the unmistakable deep soulful basslines and rhythmic 2step UKGarage breaks we all know and love. Includes 20 of their most influential tracks from the 1996-99 premium UK Garage years. All tracks produced, written or remixed by the one and only living legends, Noodles aka Steven Jude & Lewis Beadle aka El-B aka [Groove Chronicles] aka [Groove Chronicals].


  1. Natural – Groove Chronicals
  2. Burnin’ (Groove Chronicles Vocal Mix) – K-Klass
  3. Your Sweetness (Dub) – Groove Chronicles
  4. How Deep Is Your Love (Groove Chronicles Vocal Remix) – Dru Hill
  5. I Need Your Love (Groove Chronicles) – Dub Syndicate
  6. Stone Cold – Groove Chronicles
  7. Anytime (Groove Chronicles Remix) – Nu-Birth
  8. 1999 – Groove Chronicles
  9. We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix) – Myron
  10. Life Is What You Make It – Groove Chronicles
  11. Holiday Da Vybe (Groove Chronicles Vocal Mix) – First Steps
  12. Faith In You – Groove Chronicles
  13. Black Puppet – Groove Chronicles
  14. Love Lady (Groove Chronicles Mix) – Damage
  15. Music In Me (Groove Chronicles Funk To The Floor Mix) – Madd Flex
  16. Lift Me Up (Groove Chronicles Dub Vocal Mix) – Connie Harvey
  17. Believe (Groove Chronicles Dub Edit) – Goldie
  18. Voices – Groove Chronicles
  19. Shattered – Groove Chronicles
  20. Is This Real (Groove Chronicles Take A Ride Mix I) – Marsha

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