Giving Pop A 2-Step Beat

This article was inspired by Majestic’s initial question of whether Justin Bieber & UK Garage go together – as referring to the Control-S remix of ‘Love Yourself’.

This seems to be rather a marmite topic, some have stated that Bieber belongs on the walls of young fan girls and should remain there. The majority, however, do love the edit and are really excited that the producers are back.

The question got me to thinking about the whole basis.. Popular music being remixed and bootlegged in the underground industry. Now obviously, it’s really about the fact that Bieber is dominating the commercial charts and interest with the new direction of what he’s releasing. So for me, really, I question the motives of remixing that particular artist at this particular time – to make the biggest the biggest impression and gain more listeners. Which is fair enough..

The remix btw is great. And true to Control-S they’ve not just plonked on a UKG beat, they’ve reworked it with the bumpy choppy drops paired with smoother middle sections.

Also to note a few more production duos who do remix popular tracks well are Scott & Nick, and Bee Q & Unique.

Going back to the original topic, do they go together? Any sounds can be interpreted and twisted into new ways. As long as it’s done thoughtfully with all elements and tones worked in well, then many genres can blend together. The right aims should be adhered to also, if you’re producing something you love, not just because it’s current, then that’s what will across in the sounds and will be supported by the real passionate music minds.


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