New Movement #6 – DJ Redhot

I’ve just come across New Movement, a collection of DJs & Producers who want to push UKG in 2016, something a lot of us would like!

They’re looking at putting out 2 new mixes a month and this is number 6 in the series.

The New Movement are a collective of DJs and producers dedicated to pushing the sound of underground garage in 2016.

We’ll be releasing two mixes a month – one on the 1st of the month, one on the 15th. No rules – just that the mix needs to be around 45 minutes long.

For mix six, we welcome one of the most technical DJs around at the moment, and one of the guys dedicated to pushing new music – DJ Redhot

Mixing is on point, as we’d expect from DJ Redhot with a great selection too.

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