Keith Mac – Soulfire

I like how the track develops with the intermediate sections bringing forward new sounds.

OneFold Digital says:

Bringing you you’re next fix from OneFold Digital is producer Keith Mac, with his ingenious new cut Soulfire. The record features a remix from London talent Jochen Simms, and whether you can be found in hefty festival arenas or the intimate underground clubs of the capital, this EP’s sure to be on your radar in the coming months.

Mac’s original mix hits the ground running with an exhilarating beat and chugging percussion. Proving he’s worth his salt behind the decks, Mac skilfully threads the tough elements together with effortless, syrupy results – the layers of fractured vocals melting seamlessly under the deep, relaxed hook, ‘I can feel my soulfire’.

On the flipside, Jochen Simms’ definitely had foot stomping dance floors in mind as his rework pulls the thumping beat into focus. But far from being bare-knuckle beats and little else – Simms brings the tempo down in places, giving the otherwise calm, soulful vocal top-line a darker, melancholy edge.


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