Can We Reunite Artful & Craig David?

“7 Days”, “Fill Me In” and the notorious boink of “Rewind”! Craig David peaked in the early noughties with his smooth charm on a sexy UK Garage style.

The artist has been flung back into the media attention with the recent BBC 1xtra session with Mistajam’s #SixtyMinutes. The show was epic, and I do not use that word often! The Kurupt FM lads featured as well as Shola Ama, MC Vapour, Craig David and more. And wow Craig absolutely smashed it. He revealed two new tracks “Better Off Alone” and “Off My Mind”, as well as a new twist on “Fill Me In” dropping it into Diplo & Skrillex’s “Where Are You Now”.

Going back to “Rewind”, which was and still is one of the most well-known UKG tracks ever. Still appealing to the crowd, just a few days ago when Artful played it out, the audience eagerly sung with the Bo’ Selecta! This phrase even inspired the Channel 4 series including a Craig David sketch.

In our previous chat with Artful, he mentioned, “Craig and I had no idea it was gonna have the impact it did when we were working on it. It was important to us to enjoy the process and make a track that had loads of hooks in it so we literally threw everything at it and went for it in a big way.”

With Artful working to an impeccable manner still after all these years, and a refreshed Craig David in the spotlight, we’d like to propose the two a challenge. Just 1 day in the studio, forget the world and any logic – simply have fun and vibe. We will be waiting eagerly to hear the results!

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