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Nemea – Glow

“This is certainly a thought-provoking release with deep moody sounds, then twists of light sweet elements, as well as hints of cultural influence.” Mizz Ruby

Slime welcomes Austrian producer Nemea to the label. The Vienna-based artist excels in creating atmospheric soundscapes that exude beauty and depth. For his debut release on the label he has crafted two tracks that segue together, forming an incredible listening experience.

‘Glow’ unfolds with hazy static and a plaintive piano line before being subsumed by a laconic garage beat. Warm pads and undulating bass envelop your ears as the atmosphere of the track becomes permeated with melancholy. Ethereal vocals drift in to complete the piece and float you into sonic bliss.

‘Sharmanka’ starts where the former track finishes, picking up the pieces of that composition and mutating them into something tougher. Ticking clocks and discordant keys welcome you in before the half-step rhythm pulsates into existence over an inventive buzzing melody that drives the track directly into your cerebellum.

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