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DYP – Blacklist

Slime welcomes back Australian producer DYP, returning to the label with a fresh blast of his unique take on house music. Cutting a swathe through the homogenised milieu of the genre, he strips it back to the very basics to create straight-up, heads-down warehouse jams that aim directly for the sweat-drenched nexus of the twilight hours on a dancefloor.

‘Blacklist’ chimes in with a hypnotic alarm bell of a rhythm, stuttering percussion fizzing over the top. The serpentine melody that bubbles out of this grips the track like a vice, with a thunderous kick drum and speaker-shaking bassline adding ample weight to the addictive groove.

‘Roadblock’ loosens up the pace with a track no less powerful than the former. Swooping rave chords glide over rolling beats and carnival percussion, forming an insistent groove that will have heads nodding and sneakers shredding in the dance.


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