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SNIK – Transmissions


Slime welcomes Polish producer SNIK to the label. Bringing to the imprint an impressive pedigree of releases across a wide spectrum of styles, his sound is a hybrid fusion of dubstep, garage, autonomic and electronica all distilled through a distinctly dark and melancholy filter. For his debut release with Slime he delivers a wide-ranging journey through multiple genre terrains that is full of cinematic flourishes and beautiful melodic touches.

‘Alook’ sets the scene with deep bass pulses and hypnotic drums echoing through the mix before capitulating to a skeletal half-step rhythm that propels the track forward with serious intent.

‘Transmission’ expands the template of the former with skittering percussion and a subtle garage swing, stretched across the bones of a cavernous bassline. Ethereal female vocals haunt the composition as it develops with increasing toughness.

‘Broken Space’ drifts in on spaced-out chords and submerged vocals, consumed by a rolling two-step groove and thunderous bass. Atmospheric keys add depth and melody as the track unfolds into something majestic and uplifting.

‘Find’ presents a hard percussive shell wrapped around scattered chords and vocals that slowly become increasingly cohesive and irresistible as the track expands and contracts with the ebb and flow of the groove.

‘Dalli’ closes proceedings with a narcotic half-step and glittering FX, as a distant vocal sweetly intones around it. Seductive melodies develop and trail away, adding a sense of resonance and longing.

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