LAS – Your Eyes EP

What better way to celebrate Innamind Recording’s tenth vinyl release than a five track double 12” edition of superior soundsystem constructions from the Finnish master, LAS. The ‘Your Eyes EP’ represents a landmark in LAS’s already remarkable discography – his most extensive and ingenious collection of music yet – and for Innamind, is another stellar release that further strengthens their reputation for releasing the scene’s most essential dubstep.

LAS’s deft use of space, bassweight dread, original sound design and marrying diverse styles and moods is in full effect on the ‘Your Eyes’ EP.  The titular track’s anxious atmosphere and pattering, tension-building drums develop into a off-kilter anthem, laden with thick bass-pressure and swung rhythms that leave you unstable on your feet. The unique way in which he interchanges powerful pulses of bassline and minimal, yet immaculately timed percussive accents to create so much groove in his tracks is again executed brilliantly on ‘Pirates’ and ‘Temper’ – another pair of weapons from the EP to incite full-scale skanking in the dance. The latter showcases LAS’s ability to change the vibe in an instant, as it brings a powerfully melancholic, distant piano melody. The steel percussion, Caribbean rhythms and a beautiful vocal sample on ‘Lesson’ heighten the dubwise edge that runs throughout the EP. 

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