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Blackboxx – Sayonara EP

Slime welcomes Scottish producer Blackboxx to the label with an impeccable debut release. Operating across the increasingly blurred boundaries between house and garage, his sound acknowledges the heritage of both scenes without ever sounding dated. Here he delivers three seductive cuts of beautiful garage perfect for hazy summer nights in heat-drenched cities.
‘Down With You’ rolls into life across floating chords and clipped R&B vocals. Bubbling percussion intersperses a joyful house beat before unfurling over a sublime bassline that will capture the hearts and minds of discerning clubbers everywhere and fill a floor instantly.
‘Sayonara’ kicks straight into gear with some subtle skip and swing rhythms, before breaking out into a soulful garage roller. Replete with diva vocals, melodic keys and bass stabs, this is strictly one for the sneaker freaks and speaker geeks.
‘Words Just Ain’t Enough’ drops the tempo down a touch with melancholy atmospherics and a shuffling house groove. Plaintive keys resonate deep in the mix against ethereal vocals and glittering chords. A beautiful female vocal takes the track up another level, securing its position as a definitive soundtrack of those twilight hours between reality and hedonism.

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