Kendrix – Distant EP


Slime welcomes a new addition to the label in the form of Hull-based producerKendrix. Emerging from a background of experimental beats, his evolution has taken a turn into house territory over recent years. For his debut release on the imprint he delivers a flawless appropriation of the genre with his own unique twist.

‘Babylon’ kicks off proceedings with diva vocals and a slow motion house groove, whilst mournful chords provide the momentum underneath. A bassline fit for a warehouse creeps in gradually before taking over the track, mutating its direction into a shuffling thriller of a leftfield rave track.

‘Buddha’ raises the heat with a pulsating kick drum strapped to snapping percussion and strung-out vocals. Chords echo through the mix whilst a cavernous bassline gives the track a heavyweight feel, providing the template for a pitch perfect heads-down roller.

‘Wasteman’ applies broken beat textures to atmospheric melodies, before chest-rattling sub-bass swoops in to pin the beat to the floor. At the heart of the track lies a disparate array of vocal snippets, clicks and bleeps that somehow form a cohesive whole, delivering a mischievous sense of rhythm.

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