LOTM6 – Cypher

For the first time EVER, the legendary Lord of the Mics was filmed LIVE at Birthdays in Dalston alongside all of the Grime legends and 150 of the biggest fans

With P Money and Big H headlining the clashes, the DVD for the sixth instalment of Lord of the Mics is already the most highly anticipated to date.

If you weren’t able to make it downto the Birthdays last week and you’re itching for the DVD to come out like the rest of us, we’ve got something for you to watch while you wait. Jammer and the Lord of the Mics crew have been spoiling grime fans with bars of late. In case the clashes and the legendary boiler room set weren’t enough we’ve now got the Lord of the Mics after party cypher for your viewing pleasure. With cameos from Jammer, Big Shizz, Opium, Tempz and Maxsta to name a few grime fans are definitely in for a treat.

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