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Shalt – Oneironaut


Slime returns to its spiritual home for this release, welcoming Bristol producer Shalt to the label. A relative newcomer to production, the mysterious beatsmith concocts an intoxicating brew that is equal parts dubstep, techno, ambient and electronica. Whilst these disparate elements might overwhelm other producers, here Shalt makes light work of combining so many ideas into a coherent whole.

‘Oneironaut’ drifts in on spaced-out chords and percolating percussion before unfurling across a laconic groove halfway between minimal and garage. Floating melodies creep into the mix before expanding out into a tough rhythmic swell.

‘Ubi Sunt’ stutters into life with a crackling array of drums providing the exoskeleton to a fragile cloud of ambience and choral fragments. Slowly the glittering mass of melodies bleeds into the beat, lifting this track into the heavens.

‘Spacial Acuity’ extrapolates the sensibilities of the former and straps it to a cavernous half-step beat, dropped over narcotic bass stabs and snapping percussion. The sound of paranoia sweating your soul out in the middle of the night.

‘Whitewalls’ completes proceedings with a sinister touch, a darkly ambient introduction luring you into a false sense of security before the clicking beat rolls in to discombobulate you further.

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