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Monika – Chimera


Slime welcomes back to the label London producer Monika. Since debuting on the imprint last year with the spellbinding ‘Devotion’ EP he has been hard at work refining his unique distillation of the autonomic sound through a prism of melody and ethereal atmospherics. For his return, he brings four beautiful cuts of forward-thinking electronic music that will capture your heart instantly.

‘Prologue’ aptly commences proceedings with mournful chords and a stuttering half-beat laid over sultry female vocals and swirling FX. Expertly layered into an overwhelming crescendo of emotion just as the bass kicks in, this swiftly transports you out of the everyday and into the interstellar.

‘You Can’t Keep’ forms into view with a glittering array of strings and soulful vocals before a thunderous beat drops across the top to devastating effect. The pressure intensifies as the bass pins your chestplate to the wall, whilst intricate percussion and keys provide a mesmerizing interplay.

‘Chimera’ sees the title track explore the artist’s sound further with a solemn opening of unfolding chords and snapping drumbeats before curving out into a deep and slow roller. Incessant keys drive the track forward and further down into your brain where it takes up residence as ghostly vocals and scattershot percussion surround your mind.

‘She’ brings the EP to a suitable close with a dub-infused throwdown that mirrors the former offerings but yet again takes things up onto another tangent, with shimmering piano and descending basslines providing a counterpoint to the percussive firepower and soaring vocals.

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