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Slime is proud to present its new venture HUB, a series of compilations specific to one country’s artists. The first installment in this series comes from Australia, a continent which is home to a large section of the label’s roster. Drawn together for the purpose of this release, the artists involved have crafted tracks exclusive to this compilation, as well as taking the opportunity to remix each other’s compositions.

Melbourne’s Aaron Static opens proceedings with ‘Element’, a jaw-dropping amalgamation of the aesthetic of progressive house with the raw low-end of bass music. Fellow Melbourne resident Perka follows this up with ‘Winter’, a low-slung slice of narcotic house which bubbles with hazy melodies and sunken vocals. From there we head over to Perth for the warm vibes of ‘Friso’ from Everyteen, cascading drums and modulated basslines adding some delicious swing with that four to the floor. We remain in Perth for the sublimely laidback house styles of DYP, here hard-wiring ‘Seng’ into an exquisite melodic roller, complete with knowing vocal sample and snapping percussion.

From there we head to Sydney for the crystalline sounds of Flash Hubbard, displaying his trademark diamond-sharp garage beats in ‘Now’. Swirling atmospherics wash over skittering beats and ethereal vocals drift through the mix creating something mesmerizing. Then it’s on to Bowral for the sublime electronica of Seagram Murals, here pulling something truly remarkable out of the bag with ‘Treading On Tiger’. Bleeping into consciousness with a beguiling female vocal soaring across pulsating beats, this is a small-scale epic for big hearts everywhere.

DYP is the first to step up to the plate for remix duties, flipping Everyteen’s ‘Friso’ into a melancholy tale of descending chords and spaced-out pads. Flash Hubbard takes on Perka’s ‘Winter’, converting it into a bubbling slow house anthem. Bringing things back full circle, Seagram Murals mutates Aaron Static’s ‘Element’ into a hauntingly beautiful broken-beat symphony which draws you into its clutches with considerable ease.

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