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Abstrakt Vibration‏

My name is Alex. I live in Russia, SaintPetersburg. If you ask me how I decided to become a musician I’d answer that I could never believe that I’d create music. I’ve been painting since early childhood. In university I often painted for my friends. My relatives also admired with my scribbles. So almost everybody tried to prophesy a great painting future to me. But.. It took long time to realize that Music is the most necessary part of my life.
Future garage and light sounding genres weren’t my first experience. I started to write breaks and dubstep 2 years ago under another alias. I was inspired by success of dubstep producers who became stars in just one year. But in spring 2013 I found out that now everybody creates this brostep, trap sound to share the fame of the founders. As for me, I always tried to do something unique. That’s why I was impressed by early dubstep flow – it was fresh. Now it’s everywhere so we can’t speak about any originality. And fortunately at the same time I heard Delta X, Vacant, Synkro tunes which inspired me very much.
I’ve been working on my new music project Abstrakt Vibration for more than 8 months. It’s not just light sounding project. It’s a new conception of me, of my music vision. I see that now I sound like a copy of some other artists who inspired me. It’s a truth because now I’m just searching. But this time I realize that the field of originality is in front of me. The field full of experiments.
For the future year I have some plans. Now we work on interesting podcast which will consist only of unreleased future garage dubplates. I’m sure it will attract a lot of listeners. Also I’ll do my best to create a unique live performance because simple djing of atmospheric music is quite boring thing for me.
I’m a maximalist. And music is not exception. So I gonna not only find my place in music but also become a serious part of underground scene. Fortunately nowadays we have Internet. It creates problems, it gives solutions. Everything we need is to work hard as hell and to create worth listening stuff.
I want to thank for support. There is nothing more inspiring for newcoming artists than attention of public resources because they are guide of new century between creators and listeners. Thank You very much! Stay tuned!

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