UK Bass

DJ Narrows – Dangerous Decibels EP

Soulcraft 005

DJ Narrows brings the mind-shattering new SoulCraft EP.
Encompassing UKG, House and Grime, Narrows takes it to the edge. This electro-stomp rips out indiscriminately with ‘Dangerous Decibels’.
Narrows’ sound remains very distinctive and bullish, stressing out the speakerbox and crushing frequencies with his deep, aggressive basslines.
Balistic 130bpm energy.
DJ Narrows is recognised as a pioneer of what we now call UKG, Grime, Dubstep, House&Garage and 4x4Bassline. Narrows has become one of the scenes most highly regarded artists with his unique sound production and heavy 4x4breaks.
SoulCraft. “The vessel of the unconscious mind floating into the universe”


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