Hoffman – Pieces EP


Slime welcomes established UK producer Hoffman to the label. Having developed a strong following in the breaks scene across the past few years, but never being confined to one sound or style, he comes to the imprint with an impressive body of work. However for his debut here, he has crafted a selection of beautiful and melodic tracks that fit perfectly with the Slime aesthetic.

‘Pieces’ glides into view through a haze of enthralling ambient textures, before enveloping around a skeletal garage beat and ethereal vocals. The vibe keeps building on its atmospheric base template, encasing you in pure, golden warmth and drawing you deeper into its clutches.

‘Strong’ takes things up a notch with a soulful roller strapped to a gigantic bassline. Delicate percussion glitters overhead as sonic waves of sunshine wash over you before the breakdown adds swirling synths and soaring vocals to the mix to send you into a blissful orbit.

‘Dust’ is an eight-minute epic that never feels like it outstays its welcome. Rolling in on spaced-out chords and a heavyweight bassline, the track’s construction continues to shift underfoot like tectonic plates moving along the earth’s axis. It never lifts above its laconic tempo, but with a narcotic rhythm as sublime as this you’d want it loop into infinity anyway.

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