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The Push & Pull Show ~ Old School Vinyl 20.10.2013

..with DJ Hermit, DJ Potts, MC-IC & The Sassy Yank

“The Push and Pull Show” is the world’s only transcontinental UK Garage radio shows! DJ Potts & MC-IC are from the London, England area and The Sassy Yank is from the Seattle, WA, USA area. They team up to bring one of the freshest UK Garage radio shows available on the airwaves.

This week was our Christmas Old Skool Vinyl Special with special guest DJ Hermit.

You can catch us on one of the original house and garage radio stations, the four time award-winning Freek FM (, every Thursday from 10pm to 12am GMT. The Push and Pull Show firmly believes in pushing UKG into the forefront globally and does everything possible to support this genre.

The Push and Pull Show team also operates The Sassy Yank Music Publication & Promotion Site ( which now reaches 145+ countries worldwide and is syndicated on most major blogging platforms. We strive to bring the freshest new music to the masses. Music is our passion!


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