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Bars With Carts

I’m sure being a rival uk garage site, we should be saying that they’re pants! But we’re far too lovely and we like to share the good music around, so courtesy of here is Bars With Carts.

‘Bars with Carts‘ is the brand new exciting mixtape project from DJ Cartier.

The ‘Bars with Carts‘ series is a mixtape with a difference, and puts the emphasis on the MC.

“Most people know by now I love working with MC’s, and to be honest most of them like working with me because we get the best out of each other. What “Bars with Carts” is all about is me letting people hear just how talented some of the UKG MC’s actually are” said Cartier on the concept of the project.

This project will allow the DJ to take the best lyricists in the UKG scene, and show them off over 10 tracks that could be UKG, Grime or even Hip Hop. This series is not about Cartier on the decks, it is about the MC’s being able to show off their talent for 20 minutes without interruption, and without vocal tracks getting in the way.

“Over the years there has definitely been a perception that its all Olly Olly Olly and When I say whatever you say BO. This will show that this is definitely not the case” added Cartier.

The talented DJ is pulling out all the stops with this project, and has called on the hugely popular Dappa MC to kick things off for volume-1.

“I have started the series off with Dappa as right now he is really on top of his game, he is constantly writing new lyrics and his flow gets better and better” said Cartier.

With future volumes in the series already confimed with Viper, Vapour and Bushkin to name a few, it looks like this has the legs to go very far.

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