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Vausz – Maru-So



Vausz returns to the label after the success of his debut album, ‘Bosozoku’. Conceived as a companion piece to that incredible document of the golden age of rave music,Maru-Sō‘ follows on with four incendiary tracks that merge the heritage of electronic music into something altogether new and wonderful.

‘Basstime’ thunders into being with cavernous drums and a bassline so gargantuan it will rattle your ribcage. Sci-Fi chords glisten under the hood, propelling the track forward with a sense of the cinematic, full of foreboding and dread.

‘Circle Jerk’ envelops your brain stem with an insistent acidic groove, undulating into infinity with the singular purpose of making you move. Faint strands of mournful chords add an air of melancholy to proceedings as the percussion builds up into a gargantuan jacking rhythm.

‘Calliste’ straps you in tight for a ride to the darkside with a body-popping electro groove and snapping percussion. Throwback melodies drop in and out of the mix to amplify the feeling you are trapped in an arcade machine somewhere around 1983.

‘Boomhaur’ starts off with what sounds like a planet being unwillingly terraformed then descends into a relentless techno assault. Stark percussion overlays ominous rave stabs before unfurling into an acidic wig-out for the final furlong.

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