Neue Grafik – Glasgow



Neue Grafik returns to the label after his incendiary debut ‘Verdana’. The Parisian producer has been on a roll recently, working with the legendary Grems and tearing up sets at the hottest parties around France. Since completing his inaugural release for Slime, he’s also been hard at work in the lab cooking up some new beats for us – and he doesn’t disappoint with his sophomore effort, ‘Glasgow’. The acrobatic percussive style of the former has been refined into an exhilarating showcase of rhythm and melody that has no equal.

‘Glasgow’ sparks into life with a disjointed groove that slowly unfolds into a dark tropical roller, soulful vocals woven into glittering melodies and kinetic percussion. The track snaps back and forth into hyperactive interludes of pressurised beats per minute for an energising ride to the dark side.

‘Ideal’ drifts into existence built around a mournful chord progression, strapped to a slow motion R&B jam that is infused with a cinematic foreboding. Vocals are strewn across the mix like depth charges as the dramatic synth work elevates the track into something truly mesmerising.

‘Whitney’ takes a foot off the accelerator for a low-slung number that exudes sensuality through every smooth pore of its structure. Languorous vocals permeate the mix as a narcotic funk groove pops and snaps through unexpected turns that jump start your synapses.

On the remix tip, up and coming London-based producer Lion Gonzalez toughens up the lead track with a heavyweight half-step, complete with fizzing atmospherics and sparkling keys. Fellow Parisian and labelmate Hybu steps up with a beautiful mutation of a track from Neue Grafik’s previous release, turning ‘Bauhaus’ into a stone-cold house classic, perfect for all discerning warehouses worldwide.

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