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Blem – I’m Ready


Slime welcomes to the label Spanish duo Blem. Formed by Broken Lip from BSN Posse and fellow producer Energy Man, the pair combine cutting-edge beats with a melodic flourish for a fresh style that is pure sunshine. For their debut release on the imprint they deliver a beautiful set of tracks, backed up with some killer remixes from the extended Slime family.

‘I’m Ready’ is built around a mournful sequence of chords moored to a bouncing garage beat. Soulful vocals add some weight to proceedings as the melody builds up into a heady brew of emotion. The track continually shifts forward with imperceptible sonic additions that keep your ears busy all the way.

‘Free’ glides in on soft chords and bubbling percussion before unfurling into a gorgeous mix of shimmering atmospherics and shuffling beats. Saccharine vocals are liberally sprinkled on top to give the track a sweetness that keeps you coming back for repeat play.

On the digital flip, the lead track is taken to task by labelmate Kontigo, who deconstructs it into a half-step groove that gives the elements of the original acres of space to breathe. Swedish producer Totte takes on ‘Free’, twisting it into a full-on floor filler, replete with rave stabs, rolling beats and a mutated bassline that will begs for the wheel up.

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