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Clima – Today


Slime Recordings heads to Spain to welcome new recruits Clima to the label. Having already established themselves with an impressive collection of releases across a variety of imprints, the duo’s style traverses D&B, dubstep, garage and more with ease. A flair for melody is bolted to intricate drum patterns to produce a sound that is pure sunshine.

‘Hombres Que Avanzan’ drifts in on hazy atmospherics and ethereal keys before sweeping into a laidback half-step. Subdued female vocals float through the framework of the track as it quickly transports you into a dream-like state.

‘Today’ continues the horizontal vibes of the former track with soulful vocals and warm pads that are shot through with a sense of late nights drenched in summer sun. Sparkling percussion keeps the mood bubbling throughout as the rhythm takes over your soul.

‘Tell Me One’ straps staccato vocal stabs to a snap beat whilst glittering keys spiral up around them. Soft chords shimmer in the distance as the bassline snakes in and out of the mix.

‘Black Eyes & Sweat’ takes proceedings up a notch with a tropical tempo and shuffling percussion. Playful keys keep the tone light and breezy whilst swirling atmospherics envelop the track.

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