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The Push & Pull Show ft MC Vapour

Legendary artist MC Vapour guests for the first time in his career on one of the original house and garage stations, the award winning Freek FM.

Invited to perform on The Push and Pull Show. The Push and Pull show is known within the UK Garage scene as being one of the freshest UK Garage shows available.

The Push and Pull Show trio consists of an international crew, DJ Aaron Potts and Colin “MC-IC from London, UK and Christina “The Sassy Yank” Johnson from Seattle, Wa, USA.

This crew goes above and beyond the standard radio show. Not only do they feature tracks from their mailing lists but they also spend hours scouring for the freshest tracks they can find regardless of whether the artists are up and coming or well established. Their ultimate goal is to push UK Garage into the forefront globally.

As spit in the bars of MC-IC “…do me a quaver, don’t be a hater. Tell your friends we are the best thing later. No starter, no instigator, we are just good people you can relate to.”

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